The presence of an animal other is seen at a decisive moment before it loses its form and becomes flesh and matter. The animal being viewed is not just an animal, rather a unique, specific and valuable being for us, a horse – a ghost in our machinery, one of the countless others that we have lost our ability to face and meet animal as an individual other. Presence is an invitation for us to look at death eye to eye. What are we looking at? Is it too late to return the gaze? Does the flesh still look at us? 

Mask, 150x200cm, Diasec, Oak Frame

Eye, 28x32cm, Diasec, Oak Frame

Void, 132x230cm, Diasec, Oak Frame

Taurus, 90x60cm, Diasec, Oak Frame

Bloom, 55x40cm, Diasec, Oak Frame

Eye II,32x25cm, Diasec, Oak Frame

Hollow, 150x132cm, Diasec, Oak Frame

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